Global Systems 2.0 | 2012 at MIT
Beyond Religion: Ethics, Values, & Wellbeing | October 2012

Schedule & Tickets

All tickets are SOLD OUT.

On Octobers 31:
SPARK Event for Young Adults begins at 11:30AM (Registration begins at 11AM). Click here for more information.

Change-Makers for a Better World with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Kresge Auditorium begins at 1PM (Doors open at 12 noon).

Both events will end at 3:30PM. You will need valid tickets/ credentials to access the events.

Please be Mindful:

  • Tickets are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • You will need a physical ticket to gain admission to the event. E-tickets or print outs will not be accepted.
  • Be sure to bring your ticket(s) and a Photo ID.
  • No recording devices of any kind will be permitted. Your phone/ smartphone/tablets should be turned off before security and should remain off during the duration of the event.
  • Please arrive early. Allow yourself ample of time to go through security.
  • Refrain from bringing large bags and backpacks. They will not be permitted.

All guests may be subject to search of their person and/or possessions.

Guests attending the Kresge event are advised that bags larger than 8.5″ x
11″, food, beverages, containers, strollers, laser pointers, umbrellas,
banners, flags, signs, noisemakers, weapons, inflatables, laptops, tablets,
backpacks, luggage, parcels, briefcases and like articles will be strictly
prohibited from the facility.

Guests with prohibited articles will be turned away and no storage or
“check-in area” will be provided.  Enforcement will be without exceptions.