Global Systems 2.0 | 2012 at MIT
Beyond Religion: Ethics, Values, & Wellbeing | October 2012

SPARK 2014

SPARK is a unique program that empowers our youth to become change makers for a better world. This interactive event brings together teachers and students in transformative discussions about creating positive personal and social change.  Conversations with several prominent public figures will be featured, including a conversation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Event Venue: Rockwell Cage, MIT

Event Agenda:
October 31, 2014

11:00-11:30a Doors open. Check-in.
11:30-12:00p Mingle and Brown-Bag Lunch*
12:00-1:00p Spark Laughter with George Lopez
Spark Kindness with Chade Meng-Tan, Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow”
Spark Happiness: Surprise Guest
1:30-3:30p Conversations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama**
Global Systems 3.0: Equitable Solutions for a Changing World
Youth in Conversation with the Dalai Lama
3:30p Event Ends

*Attendees are requested to bring their own lunch to the event.
**Through live video-link to/from Kresge Auditorium to Rockwell Cage, MIT

Thank you for your interest in participating in “ SPARK: Change-Makers for a Better World” event. Registration is currently FULL.

If you would like your school/students to be put on a wait list, please send an email to “” with following information:
Subject: Request for Spark Wait List
Name of the Teacher; School Name; Grade(s); No. of Students you would like to bring.
We will contact you as space becomes available.

SPARK is part of The Center’s Young Peace Leaders and Compassionate Young Leaders Program.