Transformative Leadership is a program designed by MIT Sloan School, Yale School of Management, and Cornell's Johnson School of Management and implemented by the Ethics Initiative at The MIT Media Lab. The Program has also been adopted at other leading business and management schools, and also in technology and innovation environments. Participants explore how to align professional values with their deep personal values and develop reflective thinking skills for ethical leadership.


We believe that genuine leadership requires both a compelling vision for the future and an ability to inspire and motivate across diverse constituencies. Research on leadership has substantiated that the capacity to positively and strongly influence others is highly related to a leader’s character and personal values. Great leaders who understand and embody their core values are able to transform the aspirations of those around them and align their efforts with a purpose that transcends individual gain.


Transformative Leadership provides a unique opportunity for executives and top decision makers to explore the meaning and practice of ethical leadership. Through discussions, exercises, and personal assignments, this workshop provides them with space to reflect upon the concept of success and what it means to live an extraordinary life. Our facilitators also provide them with a set of tools to help them better define success in their lives, as well as to help them find their personal leadership signature.


The Transformative Leadership program is currently offered in various regions throughout the United States, as well as Mexico, Colombia, and India.

The Center at MIT designs, develops, and disseminates innovative tools for leadership and learning to promote ethical thinking in different environments and contexts. These include the integration of applications, messaging platforms, and other tech-based methods that focus on building and sustaining leadership.


The Center designs custom training programs to deliver in corporate and other institutional settings. Tailored to address specific challenges of specialized professional fields, custom programs focus on developing the skills required of tomorrow’s leaders to transform your organization. For more information contact The Center.

"For me, it was just a moment that had a real staying power and an important affirmation because it’s easy to lose sight of core values, core purpose, in a kind of daily-ness of our work. Effective leadership is anchored in the values that are often most personal and most intimate to us. All of us who lead organizations, of course, are caught up in daily grind of what we do. There is often not enough time […] to step back and reflect."    

Margaret Honey, President, NY Hall of Science


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