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Transformative Citizenship is a compassion and ethics-based training intervention uniquely tailored for Law Enforcement Agencies (“LEA”) in the US that will focus on empathy, emotional resilience and regulation, and behavioral and cultural shifts.

The Experience

This interactive program aims to provide the opportunity for transformative leadership within the United States Department of Justice Agencies like the DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, CPB, and police forces in all 50 states by exploring the meaning and practice of compassion and ethics-based leadership. The program consists of reflective thinking exercises that help participants observe and overcome biases, some that may be more deep seated than others, and provide active tools for de-escalation. Through interactive discussion and personal assignments, participants will reflect and become deeply aware of conditionings around personal and systemic values, racial and religious biases, to help promote more reflective and intentional actions.


Module 1 “Transforming Oneself”

Week 1

ReImagining Values. Discover the pillars of personal values. Articulate value-base motivation and aspirations. Awareness of which values prime decision-making.

Week 2 

Strengthening your Values. Connect motivation to effective decision-making and action. Establish personal values and strengths as the basis for powerful leadership.

Module 2 “Transforming Oneself & Others”

Week 3 

Self-care. Emotional Resilience and Regulation. Emotions that drive us: personal and organizational. Understand behavior and its influencers. Setting the emotional tone.

Week 4 

Reflective Thinking. Observing, and Transforming Biases. Identify limiting assumptions and inferences about self and others.Transcend personal limitations, beliefs and habits. Observe and shift from racial and religious biases.

Module 3 “Nurturing Meaningful Relationships & Partnerships”

Week 5 

People & Power. Developing a healthy relationship with power. Fairness and justice in decision-making. Treating citizens as allies.

Week 6 

Systemic Transformation. Alignment of personal and professional purpose(s). Communicate a compelling vision of leadership. Changing culture by example.






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